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We manufacture from single to five layer substrates in roll form. Printing can be upto 9 colours. Lamination options are co-extrusion, solvenless and solvent based lamination.
One of the most common problems in food packaging is shelf-life and freshness. Barrier films help in blocking Oxygen transmission and water vapor transmission..
With a capacity to manufacture 20 million pouches in a month, we manufacture all kinds of pouches. The portfolio comprises of Stand-up, Flat (centre seal, three side seal, side seal), spouted and profile cut pouches.
The modern ready to cook meals are packaged using retort pouches. Reort redefines the meaning of cook convenient cooking. Depending upon the cooking instructions,

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We are here to help you enhance your product and at the same time retain the quality of the product packed. Aesthetics and quality go hand-in-hand in our manufacturing approach. A consultative approach by our team will help you conceptualise, design and execute your packaging ideas with ease.

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